Golden years of sexuality

Golden years of sexuality: As people grow older, they often experience a need to be close to others. Included in this is the desire to continue a satisfying and active sex life as one age. However when someone ages, changes may cause problems.

What sort of changes is normal?

Both women and men experience normal changes as they age. Sometimes these changes affect a person's ability to experience and enjoy sex. Women may notice vaginal changes. With age, a woman's vagina becomes narrower and shorter. In older women, the vaginal walls tend to thin and become less flexible. For most women, vaginal lubrication is decreased. The change issue experience may impact your pleasure in sex in your sexual function. Discuss these problems with your doctor.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) also known as impotence is a common problem for older men. When a man loses the ability to have and maintain an erection for sexual activity, the condition is termed ED. It may take a long time for a man with ED to have an erection. A man's erection may not be as large and firm as it once was. The erection may subside more quickly after intercourse, and a longer period of time may elapse before another erection can be obtained. Occasional ED is not a problem; however, if the condition is recurring, you should discuss it with your physician. Frequently, physician advise medicines have sildenafil citrate.

What can be done?

If you want to have an active sexual life, there are a number of things you can do in the form of self help. Be sure to put your partner at the top of your list of priorities. Give yourselves ample time to understand and to enjoy each others company. It may be a good idea to have sex in the morning when you and your partner are well rested. Trying different times of day and different positions may also be helpful. Take your time because your partner may need to experience more foreplay to attain full arousal.

Erectile dysfunction is often reversible or at least manageable. There are some medications that can be helpful for example, contain sildenafil citrate. Men taking medicines that contain nitroglycerin or nitrates should not use these. There are some side effects associated with these medications. Some available treatments include penile implants, drugs that the man injects himself such as sildenafil citrate, or vacuum devices. Preparations containing sildenafil citrate can be ordered online and are often cheaper than traditional pharmacies.

Your sex life may be changed by physical problems as you age. On the other hand you may discover that you have a new closeness with your partner. Discuss your needs with your partner. One good way to start is to take some time for touching, kissing and hugging and other forms of affection.